Da potato man!

I am da keeper of da potatoes, live potatoes, their life story
has been tough. They were being tortured by Chipler, if they
were bold in any way they would be fried into crisps, and I da
potato man heard this story from a crisp I almost ate. I went
into Chipler’s crisp factory, Chipler saw me, and took Crispy jr
and ate him. He was standing in front of a crisper machine
and I had a potato launcher so I got it, put a potato in it and
shot him. I thought Chipler was dead until today, I think he
floated on the potato I shot, silly me should have shot him
with my harpoon gun, and that’s when I thought of a plan; we
make up a crisp shop and invite him, then when he walks in,
the floor starts to move into the slice and dice section, then
he turns into mash, then we boil him in sizzling oil and then
we deep fry him and put him in a bag and send him to the
jacques newsagent, so we did that and all da potatoes are safe, until
da sequel.
The end.

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